Homeless Thanksgiving…MM

Homeless But Not Hungry


Let me tell you something friend.

I may be homeless but I never go hungry.

You may sit down at your table to your banquet

Filled with your potatoes, turkey, ham, and anything else you manage to get to your face

While I sit down and I may have a bowl of sleep for dinner.

But I may not even get that.

You drift off into a hearty slumber

not thinking of what you’re thankful for.

Not thinking of how privileged you are to get that one spoon of food.

But I will not have bitterness for dinner.

I will not be angry about what I don’t receive.

For it is not I who goes hungry

It is you.

You may not feel it as much as you feel hunger from food

but your soul is starving.

You don’t think about what you’re thankful for

You just think of food, and you’re not even thankful for that.

On this day, it is not you who consumes;

You are the one that is being consumed.

By Greed, Gluttony, and Sloth.

So spend your days eating, not appreciating what you have

Until the end of your days.

And during those days you will feel hollow, empty, hungry for happiness.

And on those days, I will be full.

I may be homeless, but I shall never go hungry.

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