Homeless Thanksgiving…KL

Homeless Thanksgiving


People define homelessness as not having a place to go home to. Although that is definitely true, that is not the only type of homelessness. You could be homeless and still have a home, but that home is not yours. It is someone else’s, and they are kind enough to let you sleep on their couch. I would know because you could say I fall under the homeless category. I have a home, but that home is not mine. I sleep under someone’s roof. I don’t mean that I live in my parents’ home, because neither of my parents have their own home.

Last year I experienced my first homeless Thanksgiving. It was a different experience for me. I was so used to hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my own house because my parents had their own house growing up. My parents would get up and start cooking. I would get to sit and talk to my mom while she cooked in our kitchen. I would help her cook and prepare foods.

The usual Thanksgiving tradition changed last year. The same feeling I had when I woke up on previous Thanksgivings was not there. Thanksgiving was no longer my favorite holiday, it just felt like another day. My mother left for work early Thanksgiving morning, and my grandmother had to work later that day. We did have a Thanksgiving, but it was at my uncle’s house with a bunch of people that I didn’t even know.

This Thanksgiving, unfortunately, will be the same as last year. As the day approaches, I sit back and reflect on previous Thanksgivings, and the good memories that came with them.

When my sister and I were younger, we were fortunate enough to have two Thanksgivings. We had one at our own house, and then we went to my grandmother’s house to eat there as well. My sister and I would sit up at the high table, which we called the Kids Table, and eat with my cousin. We would all laugh and have fun together. Those are the times that I miss, even though I am much older.

There are others that are struggling much more than we are–people who don’t have any house to go to, and no food to eat. In future Thanksgivings, I hope I can help shelters provide food to the homeless. That would be a Thanksgiving I could enjoy.

I know that Thanksgiving will not always be like this. When I get older, I am going to hold Thanksgiving dinners at my OWN house. I will have all of my family members sitting around MY table. I will make a change in my life.

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