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“LITTLE MAN ON THE COUCH”…On A Weekend At The Beach

Little’s first and final family vacation.

TP: Hi, Little Man. You look a bit disheveled today.

LM: Really? Imagine that…what with me just back from vacation.

TP: Vacation?

LM: Yeah. Mom and dad decided to treat me to a long weekend at the beach with them. You know, I only ever leave home to visit the vet’s office, so you can imagine my anxiety at the thought of a road trip. Nonetheless, mom and dad felt bad, leaving me all alone every other weekend during the summer, with only the occasional pop-ins from that drill sergeant wannabe and the Snow White lady to prepare my meals, tidy up the gentlemen’s lounge, and offer a bit of companionship. So this particular weekend, off we were all going to go together. Big fun!

TP: Sounds very thoughtful of your parents.

LM: Thoughtful? You think? What part of I’m a cat and cats don’t like their environments changed do you suppose they thought about? Or how about that three-hour car ride to get there?

TP: A bit long for your tastes?

LM: More like a bit long for my bladder. What are these people…camels? No stops. None. »Read More